Audit & Accounts Preparation

An opportunity not a chore

Your Annual Accounts give you and us a chance to review how efficient the business has been, and make it better.

Whilst preparing and auditing a business’s annual accounts is often considered only as a legal requirement leading to the filing of an annual tax return, we take a slightly different view.

At Jigsol, we see it as an opportunity to help you monitor the financial health of your business and identify ways to boost its performance.

In this respect, it becomes an important tool in planning your activity for the future, and is especially helpful in controlling expenditure and business development initiatives.

We also encourage our clients to avoid leaving their tax returns until the last minute, simply because we believe more time and a more considered approach can save money.

And we work with our clients to provide appropriate bookkeeping processes which will allow them to keep on top of their finances and avoid stress when the returns do need to be made.

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