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Jigsol is made up of Chartered Accountants, mathematicians, programmers and data analysts.

Whether a company or an individual we see ourselves as your finance department helping you automate everyday business tasks. We give you complete peace of mind that you will always be working in the most tax efficient, cost effective and compliant manner.

We invest our time in understanding you and your business, so that we can give you the best possible advice.

If you value professional advice, it’s an approach which you’ll appreciate. Please do give us a call to talk about your particular needs.

Audit & Accounts Preparation

An opportunity not a chore.

Your Annual Accounts give you and us a chance to review how efficient the business has been, and make it better. 


Whilst preparing and auditing a business’s annual accounts is often considered only as a legal requirement leading to the filing of an annual tax return, we take a slightly different view.

At Jigsol, we see it as an opportunity to help you monitor the financial health of your business and identify ways to boost its performance.

In this respect, it becomes an important tool in planning your activity for the future, and is especially helpful in controlling expenditure and business development initiatives.

We also encourage our clients to avoid leaving their tax returns until the last minute, simply because we believe more time and a more considered approach can save money.

And we work with our clients to provide appropriate bookkeeping processes which will allow them to keep on top of their finances and avoid stress when the returns do need to be made.

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Statutory Services

Coping with company law


Where is a Company Secretary when you need one? The answer is, at Jigsol.

Jigsol’s company statutory service provides a resource for clients to help them with the responsibility of compliance with company law.

From company incorporation to acting as a Company Secretary and providing a Registered Office, we ensure that our clients’ companies remain compliant with every aspect of the Companies Act.

This requires that all the relevant statutory forms are filed by key dates, and all duties are complied with, ensuring that all potential penalties are avoided.

Our services are all managed cost-effectively and with the minimum of fuss to allow our clients to spend their time developing theirbusinesses in other ways, and not worrying about such matters.

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Let the experts deal with it


Many businesses cannot justify the high cost of establishing a full time bookkeeping department and accounting system.


By outsourcing to Jigsol we can deal this for you, either remotely, onsite, or a combination of both.

Using your own accounting software or our specially developed online Sage solution our team can record and provide all aspects of financial information.


From preparing cashflow forecasts and financial analysis to preparing cheques for approval and liaising with banks, we are experts in delivering a total service at a fraction of the cost.

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Corporate Finance

A good deal better managed

Jigsol’s corporate finance experts are ready to advise you on the most appropriate type of funding to enable you to achieve your goals.

Our service includes:

  • identifying the preferred sources of finance

  • submitting your business plan and financial forecasts to appropriate sources of potential funding

  • co-ordinating ongoing discussions with the finance providers with a view to selecting the funding proposals most appropriate to your future requirements

  • managing the whole fundraising process through to the drawing down of the finance.

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Business Advice

Because we all benefit from your success

At Jigsol we work with our clients from the very beginning to help guide the growth of their businesses..

Our diverse experience, gained from involvement across a broad range of organisations, helps us towork in partnership with you to develop your business to its full potential.

Financial planning is only part of the story; Jigsol works with a team of trusted partners to give a help wherever it’s needed- with HR, sales & marketing, legal and operational.

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Taking the pain out of paying

Whether you have two people or 2,000 people, you can benefit from outsourcing your payroll to Jigsol.

The knowledge of our experienced staff helps you to manage all of your employees\’ pay, holiday entitlement and any bonuses, and other staff related matters.

We create simple processes which deliver improved service, with cost and time savings, leaving you free to focus on more critical business activities.

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We help many entrepreneurs from the inception of their business and idea, to helping them with their R and D claims for investment in technology.

Your IT system therefore needs to be carefully chosen to complement the skills and processes which already exist.

At Jigsol we work with you to ensure you have the correct systems in place, and that they provide the best short-term and long-term option, giving you scalability, reliability and value.

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Payment Solutions

BACS to the future

Making payments used to be a time-consuming and laborious process, but Jigsol offers a number of tailored solutions which are simple, quick and efficient.

By choosing Jigsol’s BACS payment services you can be sure you’re dealing with an established and trusted company, and we’ll make sure you pay your staff and suppliers on time, every time.

Speak to one of our advisers for more information.

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A better return

The rules governing tax for businesses and individuals are changing constantly, so it can be difficult to keep up with them, and all but the most experienced professionals could be forgiven for being confused by their complexity.

Jigsol’s tax team helps to ensure compliance of all the regulations, as well as looking for opportunities to save our client paying too much tax wherever possible.

None of us wants to pay more tax than we need to, and maintaining up-to-date records in an appropriate format will help to keep your tax liability to a minimum.

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