Crypto Currency

Do I have to pay tax on my Crypto currency trading/?

Crypto Currency


Crypto currency is a reasonably new asset that has fast become part of many peoples investment strategies and investment portfolios. Is tax applicable on Crypto? The answer of course is, yes. 


As Investors in this new and exciting space ourselves we are very well placed to give you advice on how to optimise your tax position and ensure you are at all times staying ontop of your obligations with HMRC.



What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a specific type of database that holds data in blocks and are chained together. As new data comes in it is entered into a new block, once that block is filled with data it is chained onto the previous block in chronological order. The most common use to date for blockchain is as a ledger for transactions.


The Bitcoins blockchain is used in decentralized way so that no single person has control, rather all users collectively retain control.

A decentralized blockchain is immutable, meaning the data entered is irreversible.



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