We developed


to make reviewing your data streams easier.


and make it profitable.

Your business functions at a level where you can’t capture the day to day happenings, digest & reflect on it, solely in your own busy mind.

With Jigsol Analytics we take the data you accumulate; be it social media, lead generation, sales & then pulls that data into a visual representation that allows you to make strategic changes based on the reports.

Why spend days reviewing your data?

Jigsol.Analytics allows you to pull data from multiple vertices of your business. By reviewing the flow (input & output) of these different aspects of your company, you can use this data to better manage your finances & staff. Strategically plan your businesses growth with your data!

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"We use Jigsol Analytics to view many things about our business that would take hours to do manually. I can track my social media, how many call back requests we’ve had & pull reports off in minutes. It’s so easy to manage my business when I have clear numbers to base my decisions on.”

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Social media

Social media is important to a businesses growth, its sole purpose is awareness & reach.


By using Jigsol Analytics you can pull the data surrounding your engagement and strategically plan on how to improve your execution.

Sales Figures

Don't spend hours & hours accumulating your sales reports!


With Jigsol Analytics you can pull reporting off in no time. Helping you review your companies growth through numbers.

Data Powerhouse

Using Jigsol Analytics is like using a Data Powerhouse by pulling all your data streams & numbers in to one place it will allow you to review how your company is growing & how to strategically plan out the future to help increase revenue.

Lead Generation

It's easy to spend money left, right and centre on lead generation. Working out the formula to generate good leads that result in high conversion is the key to any successful company. 

Using our software helps you formulate that perfect equation to find the best channels for lead generation.

Income & Expenditure

Every businesses needs to make more than they spend. However it can become easy to loose track of outgoings when you have a company to run. Jigsol Analytics helps your keep track of where your money is going & how much is coming it.

All in One Place

The best part about it all? It's in one place! So you don't need 5 logins & 12 different print outs to know whats going on in your business!


We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or would like to book a free trial just drop us a message.

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