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to give your business  POWER for today's world.


will make your business mighty.

Imagine being able to understand every element of your business 24hrs a day.


With Jigsol analytics we are able to combine all your data, turning numbers into images and graphs. This gives you a real time screen shot of where your business is most profitable or where your losing money. Enabling you to react and make your business as efficient as possible all the time.

With Jigsol Analytics we take the data you accumulate such as stock control systems, POS, booking systems  or staff rota to social media, lead generation and sales. This all gets fed into our bespoke software to give you a  visual representation that allows you to make strategic changes based on real time data.

Our predictive software is able to ensure your business runs at its most efficient at all times.

We can also plug in external data such as weather forecasts and like for like data from previous years. All this combines to make your business a business for today's world.

Jigsol Analytics

Why spend days reviewing your data?

Jigsol.Analytics allows you to pull data from multiple verticals from both the inside of your business and external data. By reviewing this we are able to predict and highlight issues before they become a problem. You are now able to use this data to better manage your finances ,  staff and general efficiency. Strategically plan your businesses growth with your data!

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"We use Jigsol Analytics to view many things about our business that would take hours to do manually. I can track my social media, how many call back requests we’ve had & pull reports off in minutes. It’s so easy to manage my business when I have clear numbers to base my decisions on.”

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Social media

Social media is important to a businesses growth, its sole purpose is awareness & reach.


By using Jigsol Analytics you can pull the data surrounding your engagement and strategically plan on how to improve your ROI.

Sales Figures

With Jigsol Analytics you can pull reporting off in no time in a simple easy to understand format. Helping you review your companies growth, understanding your income on granular level. 

Data Powerhouse

Using Jigsol Analytics is a Data Powerhouse. Pulling all relevant  data together both internal and external in to one place will allow you to review  every element of your business.


No more waiting until the end of month to find out your profit was not what you expected. Jigsol will give you the power to react quickly and understand where efficiencies need to be improved real time.. 

Lead Generation

Using our software helps you formulate that perfect equation to find the best channels for lead generation. Our software is able to guide you on where your Social Media and Marketing efforts are working the best. By plugging in the data streams from your activity we are able to ensure you get maximum ROI on you marketing spend and are not marketing to the wrong audience.

Income & Expenditure

It can become easy to loose track of outgoings when your running a busy company.  Jigsol Analytics helps your keep track  on your income and expenditure, for example we are able to predict your staff levels by analysing data such as your booking system and looking at external factors such a weather. Once again ensuring your business always runs as efficient as possible.

All in One Place

The best part about it all? It's in one place! Our system is totally cloud based allowing you access from anywhere in the world real time. Giving you the ability to see what's going on even when your not there.