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to make managing rota & payroll easier.


of hospitality management.

Take control of holidays scheduling, rota, clocking, HR, payroll in & out all under one roof.

• Manage & control employee data

• Build & schedule your internal rotas

• Employee portals for visibility on holidays & payslips

• Automated holiday booking system

No more spreadsheets…

Our rota software is created to save you time, money and hassle. It is simple to use. Jigsol.Rota makes staff scheduling, time recording and HR management easy! 


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“Staff planning in the hospitality sector has many unique challenges. Thanks to often high levels of part-time staff, on different hourly rates, with different contracts, rota planning is never easy. Since using Jigsol.Rota that part of the business in a breeze!”

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Clock in terminal

Staff clock in and out easily, allowing an accurate recording of the shift hours worked.


The clock in and clock out function captures images of staff in location, where they clocked in & out, creating a full log of events. Lateness is also flagged.

Holiday Management

Never again spend time working out who is entitled to holiday.  The software does it for you.


Jigsol Rota includes an automatic calculation of accrued holiday for each shift worker & display who's off when!


Wasting time manually keying in time worked? Salary calculations? Jigsol Rota has a seamless integration between shift hours and payroll.

View and approve payroll records in minutes with Jigsol.Rota.

Rota Planning

Staff can be allocated to multiple locations and have multiple shifts.

Once published, the staff will receive notification and will instantly be able to see their shifts on their worker portal.

Employee Portal

Allow your employees to view their shifts and manage their holidays within a bespoke employee portal.

HR Tool

Keep all employee records in one place. From staff onboarding to employment records, document management and payroll records… it’s all in your Jigsol.Rota account.