are you a START UP?

We can help you with everything from your Formation, Xero (software set  up) to commercial banking.

Full Range


As chartered certified accountants based in London, we are able to help with all areas such as incorporation, VAT, auditing, tax registration, banking and more.


It starts with a call to determine what you need and how we can help.

Systems & control


Starting on the right foot, we help set up our remote software to monitor and advise where your business is at financially at any given point. It’s like having your own finance department.

Branding & marketing

Jigsol help with that extra part that your average accountants wouldn’t. We offer a branding & marketing review & development option to make sure your sales are analysed & efficient at every angle.


With startup companies.

Discuss your business


It starts with a call with our team, we’ll discuss your business and goals which will help determine just how we can help you.


Monitor and data

Our proprietary software gives us a detailed overview into your business every day. We report weekly or monthly where the business is at along with areas where cost needs to be looked into.


Growth and profit

We are hands on, with access to your data it gives us a better, reliable way to help advise and report directly so together we focus on profitability, growth and efficiency.